What You Should Know about Robinul Treatment

Hyperhidrosis affected people spend most of their days cursing the condition due to its inconvenience. It is almost impossible to walk, do chores or dance in a party comfortably due to excessive sweating. Drugs that came before Robinul have brought mild changes and some proved almost useless.

What is Robinul?

This is an anticholinergic drug which works by inhibiting the activity of a substance known as acetylcholine in the body. Its main component is Glycopyrrolate. Acetylcholine causes secretions in the body but increases its activity on some people. Robinul combats its activity and hence reduces sweating.

Robinul is also used with other anticholinergics to inhibit other secretions that might interfere with surgery. It can also be used to control the effects of certain medicine which involves secretion of fluids such as saliva or sweat. In some instances, Robinul is also a common treatment for ulcer patients.

Robinul for excessive sweating

Robinul is ingested orally either in 1mg or 2mg – the forms that Robinul comes in. The dosage of this drug normally varies with the age and extent of the condition. Commonly, this drug is prescribed in small doses initially and advances to higher ones so as to achieve the desired effective effect. This is why it is recommended to always get this prescription from the doctor in order to combat the condition effectively.

How effective is it?

For many people suffering from excessive sweating, it has been a struggle of other drugs failing to work before Robinul was introduced. One can realize the change within a day of using this drug. It works within a short time but on some people, it builds tolerance especially if abused. It is best to consult your doctor when considering the use of Robuinul as it may malfunction without proper use.

Possible side effects and their treatments

When this drug is used, side effects are likely to occur. Just like related drugs, their alteration of general production of body secretions will demand side effects. Robinul side effects vary when used for treating unwanted sweating. This could be depending on external factors like climate and general factors like age and metabolism rates.

You may suffer from a dry mouth which is the most common side effect of Robinul. You could reduce the effect by chewing a sugar free gum, sucking an ice cube or drinking plenty of water. Another side effect could be dry dilated eyes. For that, you should call your doctor for any eye lubricant and artificial tears recommendations. In some patients, conditions like constipation may occur. You can use laxatives or eat sufficient fiber and drink plenty of water.

Other common side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, overall weakness, nervousness, confusion, nausea, insomnia, loss of taste, and bloating are likely to occur. Long term side effects of Robinul can be impotence and lactation problems.

Some of the drastic side effects above are unlikely to show up but in case they do, call your doctor and explain about it right away.


Not everyone is fit for Robinul anytime. Not because it is bad but because the contents in the drug might not be advisable to use at a certain time. One most common problem is allergy. Before your doctor prescribes the drug to you, outline all your allergies so they can determine if you are fit for to take the drug.

If it is not an allergy issue, you may be using certain drugs at that time and the inactive or active ingredients in Robinul might interact with the drug components to cause you harm. For this reason, it is important inform your doctor about any medicine your taking at the time. Also, your medical history will be important for the doctor to know.


When give a Robinul prescription, it is important to not miss any doses outlined by your doctor. However, in case you do, do not take the previous dosage with the current. If you’ve realized late in the evening that you missed your lunch dose, forget it and take the next at the right time.

If you take two at a go, it’ll lead to an overdose which is very severe in effects. Also, avoid mixing dosage with any one as it may bring up complications.

Final word

Robinul has been a successful treatment for many hyperhidrosis patients. Always do what your doctor advised you to so as to ensure uncompromised treatment. Mixing up instructions will not only mess up the effectiveness of the treatment but also could bring up complications.


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