Electro Antiperspirant Elite

Product Name:Electro Antiperspirant Elite
Brand:Electro Antiperspirant
Prescription Required:No
Money Back Guarantee:50 days
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:You can purchase extra adapters for scalp, face, armpits, back, chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and forehead
Type of Current:Variable Pulsed Current (the efficiency of DC with comfort of PC)
FDA Approved:Yes
Price:$999 (Electro Antiperspirant $499, Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive $549,Kit for simultaneous treatment of limbs $599)
Coupon Codes:5% off, code: 100%DRY
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This Electro Antiperspirant ELITE device is sold by a company that goes by Electro Antiperspirant. The unit is a very modern looking unit with a screen for read outs and multiple buttons. This allows you to extremely fine tune your treatment.

Each button on the device has multiple different settings that can be fine-tuned. The most important feature that you can adjust is the treatment area. Changing the setting for the treatment area allows you to choose a pre-programmed setting for the target area that maximizes efficiency. You can also adjust the sensitivity using the buttons on the face of the Electro Antiperspirant device.

Should you be more educated in the area of iontophoresis machines you can adjust the settings manually using the front panel. This allows you to change the settings to personal favorites or doctor recommended settings. This is especially handy if your doctor suggests a specific level of treatment for a specific area. The guidebook that comes with the device can help you tune to the settings as long as you have the information for the settings.

The ability to either use predetermined settings or to change the levels of treatment make this device perfect for anyone no matter their experience in running medical equipment. Doctors, nurses, techs, and even regular people can all use the ELITE device with ease.

Different areas of the body are treated with different attachments when using this device. The different attachments are specifically designed with different length cables, different size pads, and different stickiness for the pads. Some of the adapters are included with the device, while others aren’t.

Adapters Are Included For:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Armpits

Additional Adapters Are Available For:

  • Head
  • Forehead
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Other Body Parts

The Elite unit is powered by a large battery that can keep it running for longer than most of the competition. For when you don’t want to rely on the battery or are running out of juice, you can switch over to the included AC cord. Because of the battery the unit is extremely portable and can be used in a lot of varying environments. Hospitals, clinics, practices, and even homes have all used the Elite iontophoresis machine for treating hyperhidrosis with ease. The type of current used by the device is Variable Pulsed Current  (the efficiency of Direct Current with comfort of Pulsed Current).

Multiple doctors have extended their seal of approval to the Electro Antiperspirant Elite. The company displays three letters from doctors publically on their website for any users to see. These letters state how long the devices have been in use for, how long the effects last, and more. It is always more trustworthy when you hear the effects of a device confirmed by a professional after field use of the device.

It is even more trustworthy when you can see an actual case study of the device. On the company website there is a YouTube video of a clinical study being presented by a doctor. This video helps to add further strength behind the product.

For the first 50 days the  Elite model comes with a money back guarantee. So if you don’t start seeing results by that time you can return it. You can also return it within that time should it start to malfunction.

The manufacturer offers three other models of this device. The Electro Antiperspirant, The Sensitive model, and the Simultaneous Treatment Kit. Each one of these devices is targeted for a specific type of treatment and comes with a different price tag.

  1. Electro Antiperspirant: $499 (direct current)
  2. Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive: $549 (pulsed current)
  3. Kit for simultaneous treatment of limbs: $599 (pulsed current)

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If you are looking for a very high-tech iontophoresis machine the Elite device is the way to go. The manufacturer website has a list of testimonials to back it and backing from other areas.


  • High level of control
  • Very high succes rate (100% according to the company itself)
  • Lots of equiment for other body parts can be purchased
  • Variable Pulsed Current (the efficiency of DC with comfort of PC)
  • Shipped and produced in EU country (no import duties for EU citizen)
  • FDA-approved
  • Documentation: EU certificate
  • 4 different models to choose from including the simultaneous treatment kit that allows you to treat your hands and feet simultaneously


  • Shipped from EU country (possible import duties for american customers, please check www.dutycalculator.com)
  • Relatively expensive, but cheaper units are available on the company website.


(See lowest price)



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Electro Antiperspirant Elite
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