Iontophoresis Machine Buyers Guide - Top Devices for Sweaty Hands and Feet Compared

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Iontophoresis is a unique process of providing medical compounds to your skin through the top iontophoresis machines comparedapplication of local electrical shock or current. This process allows for medicine to be directly delivered to a problem location. Tap water iontophoresis is similar to the process of injecting medication with needles but non-invasively. A tap water iontophoresis machine can be used to treat a variety of different medical problems. Here is a comparison of the best tap water iontophoresis devices that are made to provide electric antiperspirant. In other words they help keep you from sweating. They work perfectly for treating hyperhidrosis with succes rates as high as 98%. The devices on this page have not been designed to deliver any other treatment besides that for Hyperhidrosis, if you need an iontophoresis device for other reasons}, contact the company to see if it will meet your needs.

Iontophoresis Device Comparison Table

Electro Antiperspirant Elite

Electro Antiperspirant Elitefull reviewgo to website

Hidrex PSP 1000

Hidrex PSP 1000full reviewgo to website

R.A Fischer MD-1a

R.A Fischer MD-1afull reviewgo to website

Iontoderma iD-1000

Iontoderma iD-1000full reviewgo to website

Iontocure iD-100

Iontocure iD-100full reviewgo to website

Iontophoresis Device Comparison Table

Name/Image:Brand:Rating: Prescription Required:Money Back Guarantee:Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:Type of Current:FDA Approved:Price:Coupon Codes:




  • DermadryDermadry
  • Idromed 5 PSIdromed 5 PS
  • Electro Antiperspirant EliteElectro Antiperspirant Elite
  • Hidrex PSP1000Hidrex PSP1000
  • Fischer MD-1aFischer MD-1a
  • Iontoderma_iD-1000Iontoderma_iD-1000
  • Iontocure iD-100Iontocure iD-100


Dermadry4.5 Star Average Rating Yes100 daysThe device comes in 3 versions, Total, Hands/Feet, UnderarmPulsed currentYes449$50 off, code: IM50go to websitefull review

Idromed 5 PS

Idromed4.5 Star Average Rating No8 weeksYou can purchase extra adapters for face, arpits, chest, the back, the stomach etc.Pulsed CurrentNo$749Nogo to websitefull review

Electro Antiperspirant Elite

Electro Antiperspirant4.5 Star Average Rating No50 daysYou can purchase extra adapters for scalp, face, armpits, back, chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and foreheadVariable Pulsed Current (the efficiency of DC with comfort of PC)Yes$999 (Electro Antiperspirant $499, Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive $549,Kit for simultaneous treatment of limbs $599) 5% off, code: 100%DRYgo to websitefull review

Hidrex PSP1000

Hidrex5 Star Average Rating No8 weeksYou can purchase extra adapters for face, back, chest, neck and underarmsDirect Current (DC), Pulsed Current (PC), Variable Pulsed Current (the efficiency of DC with comfort of PC)Yes$850 Nogo to websitefull review

Fischer MD-1a

Fischer3.5 Star Average Rating Yes45 days (less shipping, customs fees)You can purchase sponge pads for armpitsDirect CurrentYes$675Nogo to websitefull review


Iontoderma 1.5 Star Average Rating No45 daysMade for hands and feet onlyDirect CurrentNo$399Nogo to websitefull review

Iontocure iD-100

Iontocure3 Star Average Rating No60 daysMade for hands and feet onlyDirect CurrentNo$249Nogo to websitefull review




Best Iontophoresis Machines for Hyperhidrosis treatment top iontophoresis machines


1Hidrex PSP1000

Hidrex PSP1000

Hidrex PSP1000 - Our #1 recommended iontophoresis machine... Read Review

$850Rated 5 stars Website
2Electro Antiperspirant Elite

Electro Antiperspirant Elite

Electro Antiperspirant Elite Iontothoresis Machine reviewed... Read Review

$999Rated 4.5 stars Website
3Idromed 5 PS

Idromed 5 PS

Idromed 5 PS iontophoresis machine... Read Review

$749Rated 4.5 stars Website


Dermadry iontophoresis machine... Read Review

$409Rated 4.5 stars Website
5Fischer MD-1a

Fischer MD-1a

Fischer MD-1a iontophoresis device... Read Review

$675Rated 3 stars Website
6Iontocure iD-100

Iontocure iD-100

Iontocure iD-100 review and coupon codes... Read Review

$249Rated 3 stars Website
7Iontoderma iD-1000

Iontoderma iD-1000

Review of Iontoderma iD-1000 + coupon code... Read Review

$399Rated 1.5 stars Website


Iontophoresis FAQ

Iontophoresis is a word that most people haven’t even heard of. For those that suffer from excessive sweat though, it can be a godsend. That being said, the first time you hear of tap water iontophoresis treatment, you might be left with at least several questions. The process is pretty simple, but it isn’t something that is commonly discussed.

Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about iontophoresis.


What is the Process of Iontophoretic Drug Delivery?

Iontophoresis is a treatment for a number of medical conditions, most notably excessive sweating. A mild electrical current is applied to a basin of water or wet electrodes in order to stimulate sweat glands in various parts of the body. This process is also known as iontophoretic drug delivery. These devices were originally designed for use in a doctor’s office but are now widely available for at home usage.


What Areas can be Treated with Tap Water Iontophoresis?

A number of areas can be treated with a tap water iontophoresis unit. The most common areas that at home equipment can treat are: armpits, feet, hands, and neck. Some tapwater devices are able to treat multiple areas either out of the box or with separate attachments. Other machines are specifically designed for one area of the body. The most researched tap water iontophoresis treatments are for the feet and hands (palmar hyperhidrosis and pedal hyperhidrosis). The rest are more experimental.


Is Iontophoresis Treatment Permanent?

Iontophoresis is an ongoing treatment process. To start, you will require testing of multiple different currents and settings on your machine in order to find the proper setting to alleviate your excessive sweating (or other medical condition). After you have found the proper level for your treatments, you will require a treatment session about once a week. This is why at home iontophoresis devices are so desirable.


Does Iontophoresis Treatment Work for Everyone?

In almost all cases, people are able to see a reduction in their excessive sweating. The current success rate for tap water iontophoresis is about 95%. Correct use is required for the hyperhidrosis treatment to work, so ensure you read the manual and follow your doctor’s instructions.


Is Iontophoresis Right for Everyone?

Tap water iontophoresis is an excellent option for many people. Before beginning, you need to know that you are embarking on a commitment. It will take up to 12 treatments with your machine before noticing the maximum effect. You will also have to continue treatments every week or so depending on your specific response to iontophoresis. That in mind, iontophoresis leaves almost all users with a marked improvement in their quality of life. However, those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, metal implants, skin problems, or heart problems need to consult with a doctor before beginning tap water iontophoresis treatment.


What does Iontophoresis Feel like?

Iontophoresis is a painless treatment for most patients. Some patients might notice a minor painful sensation. For most people who use iontophoresis only feel a small tingling. The tingling may be local or continue through your whole body.


Is Iontophoresis Safe?

We have always been taught that water and electricity don’t mix. However, the process is relatively safe for almost all people. Please refer to “is iontophoresis right for everyone” to see people who should talk to a doctor before using an iontophoresis machine.

Make sure that you have a quality machine. Inferior quality machines may not have the most reliability. Good quality machines, on the other hand, are well-built but also include safety redundancies.


Will I get Shocked by the Iontophoresis Unit?

You have probably wondered whether or not you will be shocked when using an iontophoresis machine. Most people only experience a minor tingling during treatment. To prevent shock these machines come with safety redundancies and regulators. By reading the manual for your iontophoresis machine and removing any metal from your body you can significantly reduce your chance of being shocked.


Are there Side Effects of Iontophoresis?

In most cases, patients don’t experience side effects from iontophoresis. Those who do have side effects often only have minor side effects. Itching and dry skin are the most common side effects and can be treated with a moisturizer.

More serious side effects include blistering, irritation, and peeling. These can be alleviated and treated by working with your doctor to moderate your treatment settings.


What if I have Cuts or Wounds?

For small cuts and wounds, you can cover the area with Vaseline. This will prevent damage or pain. Those with long term injuries or significant cuts should speak to their doctor before using the machine or wait for the wounds to heal.


Is Iontophoresis Simple?

Iontophoresis machines have become very user-friendly. At first, it may be slightly challenging to find the right setting for your needs, but most users find iontophoresis an easy process. Especially when they work with a doctor to find the correct settings and machine.


What is the Price of an Iontophoresis Device?

Iontophoresis machines come at a variety of costs. However, the average cost for a consumer machine is between $500 and $700. Lower cost machines are available around $250. These machines are of lower quality and you should be careful when choosing these.


What is the cost of Iontophoresis Treatments at a Doctor’s Office?

The cost of iontophoresis treatments at a doctor’s office or specialist depend on: the location, the doctor, and the length of treatment. An “in office treatment” can cost you upwards of $200 but can be less if you browse around to find a good price.


Will my Insurance Plan cover Iontophoresis?

Most people want to know if insurance will cover their iontophoresis treatment or their iontophoresis units. The answer is that it depends highly on your insurer and your specific plan. Unfortunately, a number of insurance plans will not cover iontophoresis due to treatment being investigational or unproven. We recommend calling your insurance company to verify your coverage.


How do I Pick an Iontophoresis Machine?

There are a lot of different options out there. Several different factors will affect your choice.


  • Take into mind the size of the machine. For those that travel you will need to have a smaller device.
  • Safety should always be a consideration so ensure that the machine you choose has the appropriate redundancies.
  • A built-in timer can make it easier to track your treatments. That said, it is just as easy to set a timer on your phone.
  • Choosing whether you want a wall powered iontophoresis machine, a battery powered one, or a rechargeable machine is important. For most people a wall powered machine or a battery powered machine is the most common choice.
  • Reliability is an essential factor in any purchase. Read reviews of any machine you might choose before you pick an iontophoresis unit.
  • Cost shouldn’t be your first factor when choosing a device but it will usually play a role in most people’s decision.


What are the Pros and Cons of Iontophoresis?


* because of this 95% success rate most iontophoresis devices sellers offer a money back guarantee in case you are among the 5% that don’t react to tap water iontophoresis treatment.



Let’s face it excessive sweating is embarrassing, especially in odd places. With any of these iontophoresis machines you can help get your body to stop sweating. While the devices may seem expensive at first, think about the fact that most of them will operate for life. You will be able to continue treatment as often as you need it. One treatment session can last up to three months.

Good luck on getting rid of your sweat!



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