Product Name:Dermadry
Prescription Required:Yes
Money Back Guarantee:100 days
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:The device comes in 3 versions, Total, Hands/Feet, Underarm
Type of Current:Pulsed current
FDA Approved:Yes
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Excessive sweating is something people generally do not like to talk about. There is also the general assumption that this condition cannot be treated and the best approach is to learn to live with it. That is, however, not the truth as not only does a viable treatment exist, but it is quite easy and convenient to use. It comes in the form of an iontophoresis machine by Dermadry. Treating excessive sweating using iontophoresis machines, in general, is quite a new approach and hence there can be some apprehension. However, the device from Dermadry leaves no room for doubt and it is one of the best solutions out there to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in a safe and effective manner.

The science behind the Dermadry device

Without going too in-depth into how the human body works, all that we needed to know is that the sweat gland under our skin is what leads to sweating. These sweat glands are controlled by nerve connections that determine the amount of sweating required in a given condition. People with overactive nerve connections to these sweat glands end up sweating a lot more than is necessary. So, in principle, if these nerves can be made to behave in a more controlled manner then the issue of excessive sweating can also be combated. Dermadry’s device manages to do this in an easy and non-invasive manner by sending a mild electric current through these nerve connections. This brings their level of activity to a degree that is similar to nerve connections in people without this condition.

The 8 reasons to choose Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine for treatment of excessive sweating


Versatile options – Total, Hands & Feet, and Underarms

Excessive sweating which is also known as Hyperhidrosis doesn’t manifest itself in the same way in everyone who is suffering with it. Some people experience it only in hands and feet, others experience it on their underarms and then there are those who have this condition in both these areas. Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine comes in three different variants targeting each type of this condition based on how localized it is. This allows people to buy only what they need.


Immediate results

Dermadry’s solution for excessive sweating has another trump card up its sleeves which is the short period of time it needs to start working its magic. The results of Dermadry’s device manifests itself in as little as two weeks as per an overwhelming 92.9% of patients who have already used this machine. Hyperhidrosis isn’t something that people would want to live with for a long time and by using this device, those afflicted by this condition won’t have to wait to see the healing effects of this device. What is even better is that this device’s effectiveness is not achieved by cutting any corners. It is perfectly safe for use and there will be no adverse health-issues in people who use this device. Even though this machine shows results quite rapidly, plenty of time was taken to develop it to ensure that it functions without any side effects.


Easy to use

All of its effectiveness would be wasted if the device was complicated and unintuitive to use. Thankfully, it does not belong in that category. It is one of the simplest medical devices to use and the steps required to make it work and get your excessive sweating under control are brief and easy to follow.

It also does not require any hard-to-get substances. Tap water is the only thing you will need apart from the device itself. We have covered the steps involved a little later. Changing the settings to suit your specific condition is also very easy and intuitive.


Long-lasting relief for the hyperhidrosis afflicted

While there have been a few other methods of treating Hyperhidrosis, most of them tend to offer temporary relief. This means that patients will always be tied down to these treatments on a very regular basis throughout their life. The approach of Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine is such that its effects can last as long as six months each time. This means that you can have a very normal life while giving this device minimal time to keep the condition of excessive sweating under control.


Stringent safety standards

All these benefits are great but it can all come to naught if the device itself isn’t safe to use on a regular basis. As alluded to earlier, Dermadry has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure that even at its strongest setting, it is extremely safe. Safety has always been at the top of Dermadry’s priorities.


Backed by the medical and scientific community

The BBC is one of the most respected media platforms in the world and Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine has been featured on it. This alone is a huge endorsement of its effectiveness and safety standards. Apart from that, this device is backed by a host of medical professionals, research organizations, doctors, and medical groups.


Highly rated by customers

Everything else mentioned so far is great but the biggest endorsement any medical device can get is from the people who have actually used it in the past. Dermadry’s device is one of the most highly rated medical devices out there. There are scores of satisfied customers who can not only verify that this device works but that it works really well and as advertised. Many people have given it glowing reviews as it has helped them treat excessive sweating without having to undergo surgeries or needing to take medicines.


Comprehensive warranty and worldwide shipping

The benefits of this device aren’t just restricted to those living in North America. People from around the world can enjoy its benefits thanks to the worldwide shipping offered by Dermadry. Add to that the comprehensive 5-year warranty and buying this device to treat excessive sweating is a no brainer. It also offers a 100-day money-back option. If customers aren’t satisfied with the results, then they can send the device back for a full refund.



  • Very user-friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple treatment options


  • Cannot treat face and scalp


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I am a blogger that used to suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Thanks to iontophoresis treatment I now live a completely normal life. A few years ago I decided to start blogging about this topic to help other people that are suffering from this condition.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple treatment options


  • Cannot treat face and scalp

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