Qbrezxa – The Latest FDA Approved Solution To Hyperhidrosis

It has been nearly 8 years since a new treatment came up for hyperhidrosis. The Qbrexza has been the latest addition to the list and the FDA has approved it as well.

Why treat it?

Hyperhidrosis can turn out to be an effective barrier in the smooth running of your daily life. Though sweating is a natural process, most of us ashamed of it. It is also a matter of personal hygiene. It can bring in stains on your clothes, ruin your romantic relationships or just make you interactions more complicated. It can affect both your business and social life. In severe cases, it can bring in more adverse affects. People often complain to lose grip on pens, steering wheel of the car or just shaky hands.


The officials have in working on this device to help individuals deal excessive underarms sweating in an effective way and have finally come up with a public solution to the problem. The FDA has taken sufficient research options to confirm the applicability of the cloth for treating the condition before approving it.

What is it?

It is a pack of cloth or wipe that can be easily used at home. And you do not need to use it all day. One wipe can serve the purpose for both underarms and using it once per day is enough. The active ingredients present in this treatment option works to block the receptors that activate the sweat glands. The active ingredient used in it is glycopyrronium tosylate. It is a formula for anti-cholinergic properties. The best reason to use this treatment is that it has further reduced side effects in comparison to the other treatments available for treating the disorder.

During the FDA trials, the Qbrexza has shown to bring in effective results within just one week of usage since the regular usage of the treatment. The best part is it is suitable for anyone starting from kids as young as 9 years to even the elderly people. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of dementia from prolonged usage of other anti-cholinergic treatments available across the market. Though it is far better in comparison to the other treatment products, it still has some side effects though to certain controlled extents. The common ones include:

Though the cloth has been widely approved by the FDA especially for kids, it is better to consult your physicians to know the further impacts that it may have on your health. Coming to the market after a long time in October this year, it has quickly gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of months especially for the long wait that people have been doing for it. Till now, no adverse conditions have been reported yet and users are just enjoying the benefits of the wipe cloth to the best possible extent.

With this product by your side, you do not need to worry about your excessive body sweat issues anymore. You can even carry it with you all the time. Whenever you see extra surges of sweating on your underarms, just find a secluded place and wipe them out with the cloth and enjoy its prolonged effects without much further use.





I am a blogger that used to suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Thanks to iontophoresis treatment I now live a completely normal life. A few years ago I decided to start blogging about this topic to help other people that are suffering from this condition.

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