Oxybutynin as an Alternative Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Oxybutynin is a treatment that can be used to reduce muscle spasms of the bladder as well as urinary tract. Originally Oxybutynin was used to control overactive bladder but some research has proved that Oxybutynin can be used fort combating excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis is excessive production of sweat. The specific or exact cause of hyperhidrosis is not yet known. The most affected parts by this condition is the soles, palms, armpits and the face. This excess sweating can cause a lot of discomfort in life and those affected have the quality of life affected by the condition. It is not a life threatening condition but those affected can undergo psychological trauma. There over 7.8 million Americans affected by this condition.

There are many and different treatment options for the condition that include both surgical and clinical. Among the many treatments oxybutynin is one of them and in this article we are going to discuss some of the treatments.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can be present as from birth or it might develop later in life. In most cases, the sweating usually starts at teenage years. The condition can come about because of underlying health condition but hyperhidrosis does not have exact cause that is known. But there is a long list of secondary causes which include; gout, alcohol abuse, spinal cord injury,anxiety, heart diseases, obesity, shingles, cancer, some medications, some infections like malaria or HIV and pregnancy among other causes.

Natural remedies

Before visiting a doctor or trying out oxybutynin after noticing excessive sweating in your body, you can try some lifestyle changes and see if they will improve the symptoms of the condition

  • Antiperspirants

Using deodorants will not stop the sweating but use of antiperspirants like aluminum chloride might be of help.

  • Armpit shields

Wearing pads on your armpits can help reduce the symptoms and it will definitely protect your clothes from being affected.

  • Clothing

Choose wearing lose clothes because some synthetic fibers like nylon may just worsen the condition.

  • Shoes

Go for leather shoes because some other materials might make the condition worse.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis.

Many people who suffer from this condition do not seek medical help because of embarrassment or some of them don’t even know that the condition ca be treated. But the truth is there a cure and it can be used to treat the symptoms of this condition effectively.

A doctor may refer you to a dermatologist or skin specialist and you may be recommended iontophoresis treatment whereby your hands and feet are submerged into a bowl of water and then an electric current that does not cause any pain is passed through the water (1).

Sometimes a botulinum injection is given to trigger the sweat grands. You may require several injections for maximum benefit. Anticholinergic drugs can also be given to combat this condition and you will start noticing improvements in like two weeks

Finally an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy can be performed. This is a surgical intervention and it is normally recommended for face, armpits and hands hyperhidrosis but not for feet because it can lead to sexual dysfunction.


Oxybutynin as a treatment for hyperhidrosis

As we have highlighted earlier, oxybutynin can be used to treat this condition. The first case of use of oxybutynin to treat hyperhidrosis was recorded in 1988. Later in 2003 an investigation was conducted and it was found that use of oxybutynin about 4 mg per day can bring about good results when trying to combat the condition.

The first trial that involved several patients was conducted in 2004 and the trial run from June 2004 up until the next year May. 14 patients were involved and they were given an initial prescription of 2.5 mg of the oxybutynin after every eight hours. This study showed improvement of symptoms from the people suffering from this condition. (2)

Another trial involving 19 women was conducted in Korea and 10 mg was given to the patients who showed great improvement and low sweating rates.

From the few studies we can confirm that oxybutynin can also be added as a method of treatment for hyperhidrosis.





I am a blogger that used to suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Thanks to iontophoresis treatment I now live a completely normal life. A few years ago I decided to start blogging about this topic to help other people that are suffering from this condition.