Managing Excessive Sweat with Sweat Proof Undershirt

A wide array of interventions for the treatment of excessive sweating have been implemented throughout the world. One intervention that has gained some interest and attention is the use of an excessive sweat-friendly clothing. In this article, we’ll explore all you need to know about sweat proof undershirt.

What is a sweat proof undershirt?

Well, just like it says in its name, sweat proof undershirts are basically undershirts that are specially designed to keep you cool and prevent sweat from oozing to your outer clothing. This ensures that your clothes do not get yellow sweat stains that people with hyperhidrosis are only too familiar with. However, these shirts do not make you sweat less nor are they a treatment for HH. While these shirts do not prevent you from sweating because sweating is a physiological problem, the fabric is specially designed to encourage breathability.

How does a sweat proof undershirt work?

There are several shirts marketed to help with sweating. However, most of them are ineffective. The sweat proof undershirt is made up of breathable fabrics. They also have sweat barriers incorporated on certain target area especially the underarm and the back. The fabric in the target areas is thicker since the undershirts are made of 3 layers at these points (middle, inner, and outer layers). The inner and the outer layers are made up of standard material while the middle layer is a “sweat barrier”. Some undershirt manufacturing companies prefer to make the middle layer with bamboo fabric that has antibacterial properties.

More about the sweat proof undershirt

Sweat-proof undershirts are long-lasting. They can last up to a year depending on the intensity of usage. The shirts can be put in a wash and dried using a dryer or line dried under the sun. However, it is advised that you avoid using any bleach or any bleach byproducts in the detergent. Bleach has been shown to destroy the triple sweat-proof layer on the clothing. While washing the shirt, try applying the detergent to the underarm region as these regions trap sweat also turn the shirt inside out to ensure that even the innermost layers are properly cleaned. Once it is dried, do not iron the sweat-proof undershirt, as direct heat can compromise the sweat proof technology.


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