What Factors Impact the Iontophoresis-Based Treatment?

Although a large portion of users experience incredible levels of success by using an iontophoresis device, there are some crucial factors that could significantly impact the iontophoresis-based treatment being used by consumers. These factors are extremely important to consider as they do play an extremely important role in affecting the results that consumers witness by using an iontophoresis treatment.

The severity of your hyperhidrosis

Initially, the severity of your hyperhidrosis has a direct influence on the results of the treatment. If you sweat severely, then it’s normal that it takes a longer period of time before the treatment begins showing positive results. The majority of users using this type of specific treatment experience dryness in the first week, and some during the second, third and fourth week. Thus, it is extremely important to keep the severity of your hyperhidrosis in mind when trying to see the positive impact of an iontophoresis treatment on your hands and/or feet.

Intensity of the current

The level of voltage being used during the treatment has a direct correlation on the number of sessions needed and the amount of time that is spent before seeing positive results.

If a low voltage is used along with doing shorter sessions, it would be appropriate to experience dry hands and/or feet in two to three weeks, in comparison to using a higher voltage, which could show positive results in 1 week. Therefore, if you choose to see the results more quickly, it would be recommended that you do the treatment on a more regular basis.


Usually, it is recommended that treatments should be done daily for the first week. Then only once a week, or bi-monthly to continue maintaining the positive results of this treatment. If you have extremely severe hyperhidrosis, you can consider doing this treatment more often. The frequency of your sessions depends on when you start sweating again.


The size of your hands and feet also play an important role. Having hands and feet that are larger than average would imply that you have more skin than other people. This consequently means that there is a larger area to cover, so the current has a lower impact.

Fungus infections

The presence of fungus infections has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the treatment. The current makes the sweat gland dry out, subsequently stopping the excessive sweat. However, fungus produces sweat from humidity in the skin and thus, is able to find the smallest drop of sweat and bring it back up to the surface of the skin.

Mineral composition of the water used

A successful iontophoresis treatment would require the use of tap water because it contains specific minerals that filtered water otherwise doesn’t have. It is therefore also recommended to add salt or baking soda into the water if you don’t have tap water available to you. In this way, minerals are added back to the tap water and can most certainly help in the effectiveness seen and felt from this type of treatment.

Therefore, it is seen that although a large percentage of users experience success by using an iontophoresis machine such as the Iontocure id 100 or the iontoderma id 1000 device , there are some crucial factors that could impact the level of success that consumers experience upon using this type of specific treatment.

I am a blogger that used to suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Thanks to iontophoresis treatment I now live a completely normal life. A few years ago I decided to start blogging about this topic to help other people that are suffering from this condition.