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Facial sweating is common when it gets too hot; it is a natural process hence nothing to worry about. However, some people sweat excessively due to various reasons. It might be genetic reasons. There are multiple causes of excessive sweating but instead of dwelling on what is happening with your face, it is more beneficial to focus on how to stop it. Excessive facial sweating can be annoying and inconveniencing hence the need to treat it.

Here are some of the best solutions to facial hyperhidrosis:

Botox injections

The procedure involves inhibiting activity of nerves in a specific part of the body responsible for sweating. It is a delicate medical process but also effective. It is important to source for an experienced and reputable practitioner for this process. The botox injections are effective and long-term solution to your facial sweating issue. Unlike the common perception where people believe blocking sweat glands increases sweat on other parts of the face, botox significantly reduces sweat. The results are evident after a few weeks. It is a safe and healthy technique of dealing with hyperhidrosis if is performed by a professional.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Yes, stress has significant effect on sweat glands. Most people are living in constant worry of the next minute and anticipating for something that interferes with normal working of the body. Dwelling in negative thoughts and worrying of the future increases or decreases hormonal activity in the human body, which affects the face. Sweat glands are also controlled by hormones. It is important to engage in more physical exercise, positive thoughts and live in the present, which help in alleviating stress. Excessive facial sweating will significantly reduce with relaxing of the mind. Also, don’t let excessive sweat work on your self-esteem and confidence; this is one of the causes of stress that increase the condition. Focus on positivity of life and the condition will reduce.


Excessive facial sweating can also be addressed from a medical perspective. Doctors prescribe antiperspirants, which are readily available in drug stores to reduce excess facial sweating. While the drugs are easily available at retail price, it is important to seek a doctor’s prescription for the right content and dosage before applying it on your face. Also, there are tablets for the same purpose with different content levels of aluminum chloride. After examination of the cause and genetic makeup of your body, a doctor can advise on the most suitable antiperspirant.


The noninvasive treatments are not applicable to every person considering excessive facial sweating is caused by different factors and people have different genetic make-up. Surgery comes in handy as a universal technique. The process involves removal of sweat glands on specific parts of the face, which significantly reduces sweating. The suction process can be done in few hours and the results are instant. Healing process continues as you experience the freedom and quality of life. The incisions are tiny hence nothing to fear with regards to pain and marks on your face.

Besides sucking the sweat glands, some doctors also recommend endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) where the primary nerve that sends message to sweat glands on the face are clipped hence inhibiting its function. It is considered a major surgery hence need for strong anesthesia. The effectiveness of this process isn’t in question but there are risk and side-effects to consider.

Efficiency and effectiveness of the surgery procedures improve with advancement in technology. However, it is not wise to go blindly for any new service in the market; it is important to consult medical specialists on the same for advice on the effects and benefits of each with respect to your body make-up.

Oral Medications

Anticholinergics are used to block neurotransmitters from communicating with sweat glands. Basically, the medication blocks the face from sweating. It is a common prescription in the medical field. It is also popular because of the ease in ingesting the medication. The drugs are also available in local stores. Anticholinergics work in few days; taking proper medication at the right time guarantees effectiveness of the oral drug.



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